Smart Static Charging Generator kV20 (24V)

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SMART Static Charging Generator AKSO-S-20 is functionally equivalent to same category products with its compact dimensions and distinguished from all same category products with its SMART feature. Usage area of this product is considered mainly for IML (In Mould Labeling), design and software is made accordingly by our own R&D Team. Presently,we have many compact iml charging generators in local and export markets operating mainly for iml application. AKSO-S-20 is easy to use, compact in size and operating 24VDC. Very convenient product for robot applications so that smart iml charger can be safely installed on Robot Arm. Also light in weight so that robot load capacity is not exceeded. AKS Teknik takes the pride in introducing AKSO-S-20 for the benefit of local and international robot markets.

Static Output Power and Indicator: Output Power 2kV ~ 20kV - 1mA 
Instant Leak Protection: In case of sudden leak,static output is automatically cut and LED display turns into RED color. Until a new command is received, device stays at this position.
Power Adjustment Kit: It will be possible to make manual adjustment between 2kV ~  20kV. Also it includes automatic power adjustment (SMART) feature that does not exist in any other brand. If device is brought to this mode, output power is automatically adjusted according to thickness of label used in in-mould labeling so that electrostatic charging is effected accordingly. For example, if two labels with different thickness is placed into the mould one after another, the thinner one will be less charged while the thicker one will be more charged. Also, with this feature, even the thinnest label is protected against damages such as being torn or burnt.
Usage: High cpu and powerful environmental unit, high technology design and software, easy to use and SMART features are combined in this device. Insert power cable to Mike Socket and adjust to required mode or output power so that it starts operating.
Usage Area: IML Robots.Generally on the Yaxis of 3 Axis Robots,and on the X axis of side entry robots. Besides, it is used in manual static charging applications.


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