AKSTEKNIK INDUSTRIAL LTD. has been working for long years based in Istanbul, Turkey. We are manufacturing products and giving support about static electricity solutions all over Turkey and at international basis. Our products have been developed by our own R&D Team. Thanks to our high quality static elimination products, we have been providing definite solutions for removal of undesired static charges.

AKSTeknik is a continously growing company working in the direction of long term co-operation together with all parties involved including employees, suppliers and customers. We are providing products&services at international standards and make further investments to meet the requirements of our customers . AKSTeknik is a strong team that believes in unconditional customer satisfaction and continous development for achievement of high quality products and best technical support.

AKSTeknik manufactures static eliminators and static charging generators as well as antistatic ball bearing protectors which are patented made of 100% carbon at own facilities.

AKSTeknik has been giving service to various sectors incuding packaging, plastic, textile, electronics, automotive and machinery.

In addition to manufacturing activities, AKSTeknik has been distributing OPTRIS and  FLIR brands in Turkey for contacless temperature measurement equipment and camera. AKSTeknik is aiming to provide definite solution for all static electricity problems.