Air Blowing Anti Static Bar - Compressed Air Static Eliminator Bar -

AIR BLOWING ANTISTATIC BAR - (Long Distance Anti-Static Bar)                                                                                                 
By means of Compressed Air
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Air Blower Antistatic Bars generate a surrounding electrical field ionizing the air molecules to (+) and (-) ions so that (+) and (-) ions within a distance of 900 mm are neutralized. Accordingly damages that may be caused by static electricity are prevented.Taking all the advantage of standard static eliminators, air blower antistatic bars increase the effective distance of static elimination up to 900mm by means of compressed air. Another advantage of air blower antistatic bars is that it helps preventing collection of dust under dusty conditions for  materials such as film,pvc and ,glass. Even the pins of anti static bars are accidentally touched by hand, electrical shocks giving damage to human health are prevented. Air Blower Anti-static bars do not require calibration. Maintenance and cleaning is easy. ATS-HV-AIR is a Compressed Air Static Eliminator Bar that can be categorized as an Air Blower Static Eliminator Bar type that is used by various industries. 
Output Voltage 8 kV AC
Polarity  Positive, Negative – 50 Hz
High Voltage Power Supply   8000 VAC – 10 mA Power Suppy
Emitter Pins  Stainless 304
Body    Alu and  PVC
İonization Structure  Epoxy
Cable  Screened HFFR Protected, Silicon HV Cable
Cable Length   2 mt
Cable Protection  Spiral Protected
Effective Distance    900 mm
Air Pressure 3 - 3,5 Bar
Air Apparatus Dimension    Ø 10 mm, Max Length 4000 mm, Alu
Air Connection  Ø 10 mm Pneumatical Nippel
Size    28x35 mm Profile, Max Length  4000 mm
Connection Type  Slotted, M6x30 mm
Certificate    CE

Packaging Machinery / Bag Making Machinery / Wicket Bag Machinery / Printing Machinery / Textile Machinery, Nonwoven / Leather Sector / Automotive / Film and  Packaging / Plastic Injection/ Medical / Furniture / Elektronical / Flexo Printing / Winding and Unwinding / Stentering Machinery / Conveyor Bands / Serigraphy printing / Stretching / Label Machinery / Lamination / Paper ector / Filling Lines / Offet Printing / Shrink Machinery / Vertial and Horizontal Packaging Machinery / Sheet Drawing Machinery / Thermoform Machinery  / Folding Machinery / Clean Rooms / Cleaning before Painting / Coating Applications / Automotive / Glass Sector


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