Effects of Static Electricity

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Static Eliminator applications mainly cover industrial applications. AKS Teknik is working in the field of static elimination as a manufacturer for static  elimination devices and equipment together with its expertized team, engineers and designer of own R&D developed electrostatic eliminator products.

AKSTeknik developed static eliminator equipment are used by various sectors including automotive, film, packaging, leather, plastic,furniture, food, machinery, textile as well as pater mill, lamination machinery, bag making machinery and IML Robots for the purpoe of protection against dangers of static electricity. AKS Teknik is delivering its products and services in Turkey and all over the world. Because static electricity neutralization is important for industial sectors. AKSTeknik manufactured static electricity neutralizer bars and equipments are highly preferred by customers. Basically static neutralizer is a mandatory part of various machinery and industrial applications. Static neutralization is continously required for static neutralizing purpose.

Static electricity elimination applications are not limited only with industrial sectors. Static electricity may have deteriorating effects at a wide range including operation of electronical devices and human health. AKSTeknik is proud to offer ionizing solutions including ionizing bars and all featured esd ionizers. Anti-static ionizer manufactured by AKSTeknik are effective in ionization. Anti static ionizer products manufactured by AKSTeknik are strong thanks to ZFR8000 kv8 HV Transformer. Antistatic ionizer manufactured by AKSTeknik are easy to use products.

It will be useful to evaluate esd ionization products developed by AKS Teknik in some different categories including HV Transformers, Static Eliminator Bars, Air Blowing Antistatic Bars, KYNC Antistatic Carbon Brushes. In addition to Static Elimination solutions Bearing Protectors with code STA-Ring are included in the scope. Bearing Protectors are widely used by engine manufacturers as a protection againt shaft currents.



Static Electricity is formed by itself due to friction or seperation of two conductive or insulating materials. In other words, static electricity can be defined as the electrical inbalance generated on material surface due to interaction of different materials to each other.

Problems which may be caused due to Static Electricity are as listed below:

  • If there is  an inflammable or explosive environment near to the place where static electricty is generated, this may lead ino fire or explosion.
  • Static electricity discharges with high potential difference may lead into electrical shocks. Excessive cummulation of static electricity on human body may effect electrical balance and neural system.
  • Existance of high static electricity may lead into inappropriate operation of electrical devices.
  • Static Charges may be reason for slowing down of production lines due to adhesion, attraction or repelling effect.Consequently, productivity is reduced.
  • High Static Charges attract the dust in environment leading into quality problems in products and production.

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