Hole Detection Device kV20

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AKSO-DTC-20 Hole Detection Device is equipped with high technology features such as LCD Screen, Static Output Indicator, Warning LED showing existance of high voltage output, ability of keeping adjusted power level in memory and, in case of overload, automatic cutting of power and ability of detection of faulty products by means of internal dry contact relay circuit.


Display: 2x16 Blue Typeface LCD Screen
Power Input: AC220V / 230V
Static Output Power and Display:  Hole Detection Device is operating in the power range of 2kV  ~  20kV - 1mA 
Adjustment of Power Output:  Can be adjusted from the + and – buttons over the membrane at the front panel.
Operating of the Device: Device can give output as long as RUN button is pressed, as well as, be operated over the socket at the back of the device by means of receiving signal from a PLC or other system.
DTD (Hole Detection): Once output command is received,device checks existance of instant spark and,  if any spark is existing, output is automatically cut. RL sign on the LCD Screen turns into ON mode. In the meantime, device shuts off the internal relay contact and accordingly sends signal to PLC or control system over this contact. Also the red overload LED on the display turns on. After a period of 3 seconds at this position, device gets into waiting mode again
Ground Protection:  In case of operating without ground,device shows NO GROUND error and does not operate until device is properly grounded.
Usage Area: Plastic, nylon,etc.  It will be possible to detect existance of hole/perforation and send signal to system informing faulty product.


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