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Blower Type Static Eliminator AKS-BLOW-1000 is a compact product including power supply and fan within same product so that there is no need for an external air source for long distance static elimination. Ionizing Air Blower generates a surrounding electrical field ionizing the air molecules to (+) and (-) ions so that (+) and (-) ions within a distance of 1000-1500 mm are neutralized. Accordingly, damages due to static electricity are prevented. Ionized Air Blowers are especially preferred in electronical cards and coils. Because the fans at the back side, circulate the air in the environment giving ionized air for reaching the exact static elimination solution. Static Eliminator Air Blowers are especially preferred in applications where high static electricity is distributed over a wide surface area. Anti Static Air Blower shows technically high performance and offers a cost effective solution. AKS R&D Team manufactured this distinguished product for specific applications. For example for XPS applications in which the static charge is extremely high, AKS Teknik Anti-Static Air Blower System gives perfect result. Values can be observed by means of a static measurement device before and after the process so that the performance can be clearly monitored. We, as AKS Teknik, take the pride in introducing this product (Ionizing Air Blower) to industrial markets for the use of our valued customers. 

Output Voltage 8 kV AC
Polarity  Positive, Negative – 50 Hz
High Voltage Power Supply   8000 VAC – 10 mA Power Supply 
Emitter Pins  Stainless 304
Body    PVC and Stainless Body
Dimensions  1000x200x170 mm
Ionization Structure    Epoxy
Cable  Screened HFFR Protected Cable, Silicon HV Cable
Effective Distance    1000 – 1500 mm
Air Connection  172x150x50 mm Fan (3 Pcs)
Antistatic Bar Dimensions    28x35x90 mm (2 Pcs)
Certificate    CE

Extremely high static electricity applications where static electricity is too high and therefore antistatic bars are not sufficient.
For example: XPS Foam System

  • Clean Room / Electronical Card Manufacturing / Plastic Injection / Pharmaceutical / Automotive Sector

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